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Good sleep is the key to health and, of course, pleasure. The quality of sleep depends on many factors, including the type of bed you have. Comfortable pillows and a mattress, a warm blanket and, finally, soft, caressing skin and fragrant freshness underwear contribute to a pleasant relaxation and immersion in a sweet dream. If you feel uncomfortable in your bed, maybe it's the sheets and pillowcases? The sheet is not in size, wrinkled and sliding, or a duvet cover, in which the blanket is “cramped” and it acts as knolls, are unlikely to contribute to a good rest. Therefore, when buying a new set of linen, you need to select it in strict accordance with the size of the mattress, blanket and pillows. An equally important role is played by the quality of the fabric from which the linen is sewn, as well as its color and pattern.


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